Ab Explo Agregate is a Romanian company specialized in producing, transporting and selling ballast for infrastructure works in the department of PH (Prahova), washed river mineral aggregates in the department of DB (Dambovita), chipping sort and stone quarry in the departments of TL (Tulcea) and CT (Constanta).

Having a team comprised of 65 employees and a registered capital of 1.110.300, RON, during our 7-year experience, our company had always aimed to secure the greatest level of competitiveness on the national market.

We own and use a large and various range of equipment to help us excavate: bulldozers, excavators, dozers; moreover, we also dispose of a large truck fleet comprised of 41 cars with a body volume of 25 -27 cubic meters allowing us to transport approximately 2500-3000 cubic meters / day of ballast, washed river mineral aggregates, chipping sort and stone quarry.

The selling activity of ballast, washed river mineral aggregates, chipping sort and stone quarry takes place mostly in the area of the capital of Bucharest, but also in the center and south of the country: Constanta, Tulcea, Giurgiu, Alexandria, Calarasi, Targoviste, Ploiesti, Pitesti and Brasov. Our customers - the Ab Explo Agregate clients - benefit of the highest quality services, according to the highest European Standards, proven by the ISO 9001/2000, ISO14001/2004 and ISO 18001 certifications.

This is the reason why Ab Explo Agregate stands proudly in the category of most trustful Romanian societies when it comes to:

-- producing, selling and transporting ballast from our private excavation areas in the department of PH (Prahova).
-- producing, selling and transporting washed river mineral aggregate from our own extraction areas in the department of DB (Dambovita).
-- ensuring the transport of chipping sort and stone quarry, the departments of TL (Tulcea) and CT (Constanta).
-- renting dump trucks with a body volume of 25 – 27 cubic meters in order to transport mineral aggregates.

The quality of excavated ballast from our extraction area situated at a distance of 4 km from Ploiesti, in the village of Aricesti Rahtivani, also the quality of the washed river mineral aggregate and excavated ballast from the quarry of Ionesti, situated at a distance of 7 km from Gaesti, jud. DB(Dambovita) as well as of the quarry products from the departments of TL(Tulcea) and CT(Constanta) correspond to the European quality standards.

Using high selective personnel practices, Body Prod Trans has succeeded in bringing together loyal and qualified people who contribute everyday to carry on our object of activity. In this way, we are one big family here at Body Prod Trans.
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  Ab Explo Agregate activates in the
Bucharest area.

  Natural Ballast Conformity Certificate Washed River Mineral Aggregate Conformity Certificate License for using ALL CERT PRODUCT (Natural Ballast) ALL CERT PRODUCT (Washed River Mineral Aggregate)
  Ab Explo Agregate has the following certificates
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