Body Prod Trans produces, sells and transports quarry products like mineral aggregate and ballast

We will always have an answer to the question of durability and endurance, which is why we are offering a large range of products and services:

  • Natural aggregate / ballast sort 0/63, produced and delivered from our own extraction area at Aricesti Rahtivani (Ploiesti) – department of PH (Prahova).
  • Washed river mineral aggregate from our own extraction, processing and sorting area Ionesti -Gaesti – department of DB.
  • Quarry products from the departments of TL (Tulcea) and CT (Constanta) .
  • Body Prod Trans can also ensure the transport of mineral aggregates and quarry products from the ballast-hole by means of trucks with a body volume of 25 – 27 cubic meters. Our truck fleet comprises of 41 trucks.
  • Oversized transport - 60 tons.
Natural ballast

Ab Explo Agregate produces, sells and transports natural ballast from our own extraction area situated in Aricesti Rahtivani, department of PH (Prahova).

The price of the natural ballast for locations within Bucharest: 31, 5 RON/cubic meter (transport included).

The natural ballast is accompanied by Quality and Product Conformity Certification for meeting the standards of infrastructure and platforms appropriation.
Washed river mineral aggregate

Ab Explo Agregate produces, sells and transports washed river mineral aggregate from its own sorting area at Ionesti, nearby Gaesti, department of DB (Dambovita).

Ab Explo Agregate produces and sells :
  • Mineral aggregates from ballast-hole:
    • 4 mm Crushing sand 0
    • 4-8 mm Sort
    • 8-16 mm Sort
    • Sort 16-31
    • trommel sieve waste
  • Washed Crushed Aggregates:
    • 0-63 mm crushed stone from trommel sieve waste

 Quarry products from the departments of TL (Tulcea) and CT (Constanta) Ab Explo Agregate produces, sells and transports the following quarry products:

Chipping sort quarry processed from the department of Tulcea:

  • 0-4 mm chipping sort
  • 4-8 mm chipping sort
  • 8-16 mm chipping sort
  • 16-25 mm chipping sort
  • 0-25 mm split
  • 0-63 mm crushed stone
  • 25-63 mm crushed stone
  • 0-500 mm rubble stone

Crushed quarry stone from the department of Constanta.

Reference works

Our products enjoyed a great success due to their extraordinary quality, but mostly due to our main priority – the promptness in delivering the products our customers ordered us. Our products have been used in locations such as:
- Industrial area when entering Bucharest from highway A1 Pitesti – Bucharest.
Industrial area at exiting Bucharest towards highway A2 the Sun Highway (Arabesque, Protach and others)
- Infrastructure works in sector 5 and sector 3, Bucharest.
- Otopeni passage.
- Pipera passage.
- Delfin passage.
- Infrastructure Dragomiresti Vale city.
  Ab Explo Agregate owns the following certifications: ISO 9001/2000, ISO14001/2004 and ISO 18001.

Ab Explo Agregate has implemented and certified the quality management system according to SR EN ISO 9001:2001, ISO14001/2004 and ISO 18001 standard requirements for chipping, crushing sand and crushed stone.
Natural Ballast Conformity Certificate   Washed River Mineral Aggregate
Conformity Certificate
  License for using
ALL CERT PRODUCT (Natural Ballast)
(Washed River Mineral Aggregate)

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